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Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Tulum

Cancun Wedding Photographer

"The best pose is the one that borns from your soul."

Octavio Montes

Working with a photographer specialized in weddings will let you organize, plan and enjoy your big day. Let us have a conversation with you, so you can get convinced. People have qualified our photographs as stunning images.

Cancun Wedding Compositions


As a painter choose elements to paint we chose those to do the pictures.

Cancun Blue Ocean


Real and enhanced Colors full fill the whole picture, day or night.

sunset at cancun


Backgrounds well defined, Blue ocean and blue sky.

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Weddings in Cancun

Find out hundreds of wedding photographs, starting from getting ready, ceremony, family and friends, couples beach photos, reception and Trash the dress in Cancun and Riviera Maya, You will also see special images in black and white.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you done weddings at Moon Palace Resorts?
    Yes, We have been at:
    • Moon Palace
    • Barcelo
    • The Royal
    • Dreams
    • and more...
  • Do you edit all the pictures?
    We do two editting, The first one is before showing you the total of your pictures and the second one more detailed in your selection.
  • Do I receive high resolution pictures?
    Yes, you do
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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Our Work Flow

  • We do a first editing to all the pictures taken
  • We send your wedding pictures to your email
  • You send us a listing with your selection to touch up
  • We work with your prefered Photos
  • We send the edited files in original sizes via internet
  • We finally send your package to your home

We download all the pictures taken and do a first editing correcting mainly ligth so you can see them all in a good quality, we will also change some to black and white to see if they are of your preference. Then we send them to you using wetransfer wich allows you to download them to your computer so you can choose those you want us to edit simply draging and droping. Then you can send us a list with those of your preference to be edited and printed, at this point you can also suggest to copy and see how a pictures turn out in black and white or sepia. We use that list of pictures to detaile them editing again, like cleaning people in the background or taking off objects we consider they are not apropiate for the frame the photographer planed. Finally we put your DVD with all the pictures taken and your edited pictures, your printed pictures and we send it you your home.

Our Equipment for Photo and Wedding Video:

  • High Definition canon cameras 5D Mark III
  • Lightning as lamps and Canon Flashes 600Ex Model
  • Extreme Pro Cards
  • Lens:
    • Canon EF 24mm-105mm f4 L
    • Canon EF 70mm-200mm f2.8 L
    • Canon EF 50mm f1.4
    • Canon EF 16mm-35mm f2.8 L
    • Canon EF 16mm-55mm f2.8
  • Housing For Underwater Pictures
  • Radios for easyly comunication between us
  • Sliders for video cameras
  • Lighting Boot, ladder, Transmiters, tripods.
Wedding Photography and Videography Equipment

Our Photography Wedding Packages include:

  • One Wedding Photographer
  • One assistant
  • A DVD with all Photos taken and Edited Pictures
  • Editing of your prefered photographs
  • Free 30 days shipping
  • Your wedding pictures Sent Via internet

Your Wedding package Contains All digital pictues taken and Your selection edited in JPG Format in their original size (5760 x 3840 Pixels) in JPG Format. You can choose a package with or without prints.
For your wedding day we have One Photographer and one assistant/Photographer, This means that the assistant take pictures along the wedding when it is possible, so you will receive a 30% more pictures than using just one photographer. This advantage let us get wide photographs and close ups at the same time from different point of view.
Free Shipping is used to send your package using a 30 days delivery. Express Shipping should be payed

Our Videography Wedding Packages include:

  • One Wedding Videographer
  • One assistant/Videographer
  • One DVD with a long wedding video
  • One Highligths, for packs higher than four hours
  • A Highlights video to share on the web
  • Your Favorite Songs
  • Free 30 days shipping

Using two high definition cameras we create dynamic motion wedding pictures. Regardles of your budget we approach all projects the same way producing on every event an impact that will stay with your family and friends forever.
We use wireless microphones to improve audio quality avoiding noise not needed.
You will be able to send us a list with your favorite songs and we will use them for the long and highligths videos.

Sunset Times:

  • January 15th: 18:26 hrs.
  • February 15th: 18:45 hrs.
  • March 15th: 18:57 hrs.
  • April 15th: 19:07 hrs.
  • May 15th: 19:18 hrs.
  • June 15th: 19:31 hrs.
  • July 15th: 19:32 hrs.
  • August 15th: 19:17 hrs.
  • September 15th: 18:50 hrs.
  • October 15th: 18:23 hrs.
  • November 15th: 18:06 hrs.
  • December 15th: 18:08 hrs.

Best time for pictures in cancun, Playa del carmen, Riviera Maya and Cozumel.
If you want to have photos very well in lightning you should take them two hours before the sunset time.
In Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya the sunrise is by the ocean, but the sunset by the other side.


Getting Married in cancun

Getting Married in Cancun

White Sands and Blue turquise ocean is the scenary for your dream destination wedding. Cancun is the place where luxury and beutyful nature come together as one.
All resorts will give you a wedding planner who will be helping you along the process of your wedding organization, she even will be with you the day of your celabration.
Photographer Advise


Thinking in memories you should think about photographers and videographers. As photographers we are able and willing to help you planing the best time for pictures for your ceremony and couples session mainly. Our Experience working at any hotel let us tell you what spots to use for centain kind of pictures. You will never get those moments back, so pictures are everything for this time.
Tips for being in cancun


Your Budget should come before anything else: Calculate Accommodations for all your guests, Airport tranfers, tickets, There is also expenses for blood tests, marriage license, It is slimpier choosing a all-inclusive resort since you have only one price for room meals and drinks, so it is one less item in the planning process.

Playa del Carmen:

Secrets Silversands

Secrets Silversands

Octavio.I just wanted to let you know that your pictures have gotten lots and lots of compliments. I even printed some off at a local store and they couldn't stop saying how nice they were.So, thank you! People love them! I am working on writing up reviews for you to hopefully keep you busy :)
Tara Kuhnert.
Iberostar Paraiso

Iberostar Paraiso Beach

Krista and Cid decided to celebrate their wedding destination at this brilliant location. They did it on the beach when the sun is plenty and the light is perfect for getting excelent shots, acompanied with mariachi band this party started early. Then the moon was present late in the afternoon giving a soft touch of ligth in the ocean at our background. Thank you Krista and Cid for Letting me be part of your celebration.
Best, Octavio Montes
Secrets Capri

Secrets Capri

Octavio. It was so great to look through these pictures and remember each and every moment that happened that day.YAY!!! We have pictures from friends, but for some reason these ones are super significant to me. Thank you again for helping me capture moments that will last me a lifetime. It was great to sit down and take my time to look through these pictures. Thank you again. It was the best day of my life.
Lydia Susi

Riviera Maya:

Riu Palace Riviera Maya

Riu Palace Riviera Maya

This Five Hours session started with getting ready and finalizing with reception party. Some details about this wedding are:
We are a fun, easy-going couple and do not want any of our photos too staged or "cheesy" looking. We want fun, candid photos of us and our wedding party, as well! and as a photographer I just said that is my favorite kind of work.
Barcelo Playa Azul

Barcelo Playa Azul

I want to thank you again for spending so much time with us for the trash the dress session. It was a lot of fun and something we will remember forever! I love my wedding pictures!!
Jennifer Habner
Barcelo Maya Palace

Barcelo Maya Palace

We were so impressed with you and your crew on our wedding day. You all did a fabulous job capturing our special day and making sure we felt comfortable. Thank you!
Octavio is the perfect photographer when you are looking for reasonable price and quality
Chelsie Bierna

Resorts Wedding Fees for Outside Photographers

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
Non- Partner Vendor : $800 USD
Non- Partner Photographer :$400 USD
Sun Palace
Non- Partner Vendor :$800 USD
Non- Partner Photographer :$400 USD
Cozumel Palace
Non- Partner Vendor:$800 USD
Non- Partner Photographer:$400 USD
Hard Rock Hotel Cancun
Non- Partner Vendor & entertainer: $500 USD
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya
Non- Partner Vendor & entertainer :$500 USD
Dreams Riviera Cancun
External Vendor :$180-500 USD
External Photographer/Videographer:$120 USD
Dreams Sands Cancun
External Vendor:$180-500 USD
External Photographer:$120 USD
Videographer:$120 USD
Grand Palladium Colonial
Photographer,Makeup Artist:$300 USD
Hair stylist:$300 USD
Grand Palladium Riviera
Photographer,Makeup Artist:$300 USD
Hair stylist: $300 USD
Iberostar Cozumel
External Vendor: 3 night stay at hotel
Iberostar Tucan and Quetzal
External Vendor :3 night stay at hotel
Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
External Vendor:3 night stay at hotel
Fiesta Americana Condesa
External Vendor:$60 USD
Grand Caribe Park Royal
External Photographer:$500 USD
Royal Suites Yucatan
Photographer, Makeup Artist: $300 USD
Hair stylist:$300 USD
Dreams Los Cabos
External Photographer:$95 USD
Videographer:$95 USD
The Royal Suites Punta de Mita
Photographer, Makeup Artist: $300 USD
Hair stylist:$300 USD
Casa Dorada los Cabos
Outside cakes:$2 USD Per Person
Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos
Flowers:$150 USD
Photographer, Video, Cake: $200 USD
Hair and make up: $200 USD
Rentals ( linen, furniture, tables, etc):$400 USD
Music for the ceremony:$200 USD
Sound system / DJ: Depending on the equipment
Light System: Depending on the equipment
Beach Palace
Non- Partner Vendor :$800 USD
Non- Partner Photographer :$400 USD
Isla Mujeres Palace
Non- Partner Vendor:$800 USD
Non- Partner Photographer:$400 USD
Playacar Palace
Non- Partner Vendor: $800 USD
Non- Partner Photographer:$400 USD
Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
Non- Partner Vendor & entertainer: $500 USD
Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
External Vendor: $180-500 USD
External Photographer/Videographer:$120 USD
Dreams Puerto Aventuras
External Vendor: $180-500 USD
External Photographer/Videographer:$120 USD
Grand Palladium Kantenah
Photographer,Makeup Artist:$300 USD
Hair stylist:$300 USD
Grand Palladium White Sand
Photographer,Makeup Artist: $300 USD
Hair stylist:$300 USD
Akumal Beach
External Vendor:$200 USD
Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso
External Vendor: 3 night stay at hotel
Iberostar Paraiso Lindo & Maya
External Vendor:3 night stay at hotel
Krystal HotelsCancun
Outside Photographer:$295 USD
Videographer:$295 USD
Playa Grande
Outside vendors:$150 USD
Now Jade Riviera Cancun
Florist, band, live music:$350 USD
Decoration company:$350 USD
Photographer:$150 USD
The Beloved Hotel
Outside vendor: $500 USD
Photo,Video & Décor Companies: $500 USD
Any other Outside Vendor:$150 USD
Vendors Meal:$25 USD
Mobile/WatsApp: +52(998) 119-00-28