Frequently Asked Questions

Will I recieve a CD with all the pictures or just 90 of them?
You will receive all the pictures taken during the event in the CD
Do I have all the rights to my photos?
* Yes, We sign an agreement where it says you have them.
Do you go through and edit ALL the images that are included with each package or just some of them?
* I see and edit all of them and adjust them when is necesary.
Black and White or Sepia. I make copies of some pictures to create black and white or sepia images.
Adjust and clear areas if it is necesary. If somebody is walking down when the ceremony is taking place or a hand of someone else crosses, things like these are removed. Also if you have some special request and it is on my knowledge, of course i can do it.
What is the actual resolution of the photos on the CD?
* 350 dpi. The actual size of one picture is 5184 x 3456 pixels in JPEG format, this is useful to do enlargements on your best choice.
What would be the best time of the day for beach photos?
* As a Rule a like how everything is lighted two hours before sunset, Please refer to our Tips section to find details about it. We have times for every month of the year.
Are you able to make prints larger than 6x8?
* Yes, I can, but I always recommend you do not do it due to they can be damage in transportation.
Is there any extra charges or is that it?

Extra charges:

1.- Comissions by Credit Cards or

2.- Fast Shipping, $45.00 USD. (Slow Shipping is Free).

3.- Daypass or fee charged by hotels for us to get in the resorts.

4.- RAW Files, photo and video.

I am not sure what time to tell the resort i want the wedding. What is a good time for ceremony in december?, I want to have nice lighting for my pictures?
* Then The ceremony must be at 2:00 pm so we can have the couple session at 3:00 pm because the light start losing at 4:30 pm.
How many pictures does a six hours session has?
From 1,000 to 1,300
Do you require acommodations for a cancun photographer ?
* No, I do not.
What is your payment policy?
* I will ask for a 30% in advance and the remainder must be covered the day of the wedding. I use
What is your suggestion for a Six hours session?

* Here is my suggestion.
-00:00 hrs – 00:30 hrs Getting ready Bride.
-00:30 hrs – 00:45 hrs Getting ready Groom.
-00:45 hrs – 01:00 hrs. Finish getting ready Bride.
-01:00 hrs – 01:30 hrs. Ceremony.
-01:30 hrs.- 02:00 hrs. Family and Friends Photos.
-02:00 hrs.- 03:00 hrs. Couple Photos.
-03:00 hrs.- 04:00 hrs. Dinner.
-04:00 hrs – 05:00 hrs. First Dance, Speeches, Cutting Cake.
-05:00 hrs.- 06:00 hrs. The party.

Can the package take out the printed photos and provide simply a DVD?
* Yes, There is a discount, my proposal is always with and without prints.
Can we change the day if it rains?
* Yes, We can but that depends on my availability.
Have you taken photos at the moon palace resorts before?

* Yes,I have been at
Moon Palace
Barceló Resorts
Aventura Spa Palace
Catalonia Hotels
Now Jade and Saphire
Sandos PlayaCar
The Royal Cancun
Gran Porto Real PdC
The Reef PlayaCar
Secrets Resorts
Dreams Hotels
Excellence Resorts
Grand Sirenis
Grand Sunset Princess
Grand Palladium
Riu Hotels
and More...